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Exactly what is a Tea Towel?

Most commonly understood meaning of a tea towel is a 'small towel / cloth that is used for drying plates, knives, forks, etc'. In 18th century England, they were used to insulate tea pots at tea ceremonies (hence the name), dry fine china, and cover baked goods.

Today, tea towels are used in so many more ways.

creative ways to use a tea towel

Here are 15 creative ways to use a tea towel.

1. DECOR. A good looking tea towel can add spunk to an ordinary functional space. Use as a decor element to dress up the kitchen or dining area.

2. LINE A TRAY. Line a serving tray or bread basket. Not only will it look great but the lined towel will also absorb any spills which may occurs while serving tea / coffee.

3. COVER THEM UP.  Wrap your rolls, muffins and bread in a tea towel, this will keep them warm and fresh for a longer time.

4. MAKE GIFTS LOOK GOOD. If you're giving baked goods as gifts, wrap them up in cute tea towels, this will make the gift even more special.

5. USE AS MITTENS. It can be used to pull out baked dishes from the hot oven or containers from the microwave.

6. HOT PAD IT IS. Fold the tea towel to give it that extra thickness, place it on a flat surface and use it as a hot pad to place your warm dishes on it. This will save your counter from getting damaged. 

7. PLACEMATS or NAPKINS. Use as makeshift placemats or napkins on the dining table.

ways to use tea towel

8. FRAME IT. Some tea towels are designed so well that it can be easily framed and hung on a wall as art.

9. APRON. Take the vertical side of the tea towel, tuck it into your skirt and double it up as an apron.

10. KEEP YOUR VEGGIES DRY.  Place your washed leafy vegetables on them. This will help them dry faster and keep them fresh and crispy.

11. UTENSIL DRYING. Spread the tea towel flat on the counter and place your wet utensils on it to dry it.

12. GUEST BATHROOM. Instead of using a mundane hand towel in the washroom, hang a nice tea towel. Try to match one with the bathroom decor.

13. LINE YOUR SHELVES. Line bare shelves of the cabinet and drawers with a tea towel. This will make them more decorative and presentable.

14. GIFT IT. Tea towel make for great housewarming gift for the hostess.

15. WRAP A GIFT. Gifts like a candle, a shawl, a book can be wrapped in a tea towel tied with a ribbon to secure it. It will make it look cute and special.

ways to use a tea towel
how to use a tea towel

That's it for now. If you have more ideas, share them with us in the comment section.

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